M. Shadows was asked in an interview on 95.5 KLOS where he hopes Avenged Sevenfold could guide the genre of hard rock and metal:

"I hope we can encourage people to take risks and do things that are a little more outside the box.

There`s a lot of pop, country and hip-hop artists that take a lot of risks, and people enjoy that about them, they enjoy being thrown off.

It doesn`t go as well as the rock genre, it doesn`t happen as frequently in rock.

We just want people to take risks and make the genre relevant. It`s sad when the most relevant bands in the genre are all in their 50s or 60s, or even 70s.

No one has really come up and taken the reins because people are very stuck in their ways with the rock genre. So we hope the new bands come up and they do their own thing."

When asked about what current trend he thinks bands should steer clear of, Shadows added:

"One thing that I see all the time is this EDM influence in rock.

It`s kinda discouraging because EDM is its own kind of music, and you`re not gonna get those kids that listen to DJs to listen to rock because you put an EDM breakdown in your song.

I just want people to stop following those trends and try to make the genre stand on its own and make it exciting again."