Battle Born

The Killers won the battle of dates to Muse, something that I am glad enough after having listened to Battle Born. September 17, 2012 was the day initially chosen by the English band to release their sixth album, but finally delayed it two weeks. Many tracks have been dropping over the last few weeks, to the point that much of this tracklist had gone through more hands than a fake coin.

If there is anything to be fooled about as you begin to hear Battle Born is its first cut, “Flesh And Bone”. Especially after having previously heard songs filtered or recorded by fans in live concerts. `Runaways` and company made us squeeze our toes, thinking that they had returned to pick up rock from small stories and big publics from its beginnings, but the beginning of the album, with electronic cut arrangements and synthesizer with shoehorn is, At least, disconcerting.

But that`s the end of it. Any reminiscence of its mainstream searches of Day & Age stays in those first thirty seconds of “Flesh And Bone”, that breaks in the refrain reminding us what the killers can become The Killers with themes like this live. And the sixty-second moment of the second half of the cut is Satisfying. How do you get this theme based on listening, always forgetting those first few seconds to which I do not see any relationship with the rest of the song.

True ball stadiums, crowded public and giant screens, punches on the face in the front row, people, summer festival. That`s Battle Born, magnificent, epic at times, You can guess the big moments in a tracklist that grows with the next track, “Runaways”, or the one that raises the foot from the accelerator to get into a full nostalgic part time like is the Way It Was, touching one of the great moles Of the album, loss, missing, looking at the other person without recognizing it.

If I go on with you by my side
Can it be the way it was?
When did you forget about those golden eyes?

While the lyrics the entire album virtually are spun with the simplicity of honesty, with that way Brandon Flowers has to tell common stories, past recognizable by all and anxieties and concerns that touch us when night falls on a Tuesday And the bed becomes huge, in `Here With Me` has one of those lapidary phrases and the worst thing is that it sticks.

“Don’t want to picture you on my cellphone
I want you here with me”.

However, it`s clear that he`s going to be one of those power-ballads that pets him before big audiences, with arms raised and guaranteed hugs under.

The Killers have not stopped looking in Battle Born. They simply have looked in a better place. In the place that took them up, in which you no longer need to worry about making a breakthrough, but to take care of your sound, take care of your image and not be bruised to reach the top. They do not need it. Battle Born grows, is coherent, leaves, pursues you, flows right inside your head, you see yourself into it. It is thought for that, to take back the small to the bigger, to tell everyday stories in a wide instrumental, tremendously focused and with vocation to shake.

And so one of the biggest cuts of the album, “A Matter Of Time” arrives, a real peak in the middle of those who raise the average, with an epic chorus included, Wild drums and Flowers giving it all. What a voice this man has, a little like Meat Loaf on some of the lyrics.

The return to action is progressive, do not force the machine, goes up again little by little, this time pulling a very brucespringsten-ish rock in “The Rising Tide”, and they take a moment of intimacy, of blushing confidence in “Heart Of A Girl”, of understanding, of commending ourselves to something superior while observing the injustices of the daily world, without needing to go to great disasters, but remaining in small cities, towns, small tragedies to remove and put with those that we fight on everyday.

The American-country moment puts it “From Here On Out”, which sounds like a degreaser and helps the second half of the tracklist not to stay in the depths. The rhythmic descent is considerable, and perhaps if the first part had not been so sticky, so adhesive, the difference would not be so wide.

However, it is in these moments where Brandon Flowers blooms--do not hit me. In “Be Still” he leaves his skin that’s why is the best ballad of the album, although this is a field in which they have not yet managed to complete as they did with “Runaways”. Even so, the moment is very airy, with dyes of the ballads of commercial pop from the eighties.

The "indie" is more fashionable than ever. A genre that until recently was considered as alternative has become over time a real wave of public and fans who have proven to be perfect fighters for the survival of quality music rhythms against the increasingly outdated mainstream genre. Even so, we have reached to a point where even the "indie" is "mainstream", but analyzing this event would get us into a battlefield that does not suit us.

If today there is a flagship in this genre is without a doubt The Killers. The band has been able to take advantage of the passage of time to gain support and become thanks to its almost-intact quality in a true reference within music. The Killers is no longer known only to music experts and fans in this style, but they have been able to gain worldwide approval thanks to their previous album "Day & Age". Now, after a short break (and a solo album), The Killers returns to quench their expectant audience.

What does "Battle Born" contain inside? Will it satisfy the great mass of the audience? Why is this album so crucial?

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The Review

01Flesh And Bone

A start as spectacular as disconcerting. In "Flesh And Bone" we attended, although we did not expect it, to a continuation of the sound of the band created in their previous disc; A theme made for the masses and the radio-formulas that may not win the approval of all. Although it is undeniable that the letter, a kind of ode dedicated to the fight spirit of human nature and people as chosen to do something in this world during our passage through it, maintains the quality of the band.


We quickly reached the first official single and stepped on the accelerator towards greatness. This theme is an immediate hymn, a song that could be generational and a real acoustic orgasm when it sounds at concerts. "Runaways" is energetically intense, as much as its content. Who has not been young and has made madness for love? Who has not rushed on events as if it were our last day on earth and then repents? Such an everyday letter and a history almost so obligatory in our lives that only make the theme so great.

03The Way It Was

After the grandiloquence of the previous theme we go to a much more desolate field. "The Way It Was" is one of those great pieces in danger of extinction, a song made to suffer without anesthesia, a story of a love dried up by the passage of time, moments that will not return and dreams Which are not met. One last breath for trying something you want but that is not supported anywhere. A truth so wonderfully cruel that it is injected into the ear as a song.

04Here With Me

The story that is being told to us throughout the disc continues its course until an inevitable and sad end. The Killers abandons the grandiloquence of the first songs to engage in an intimate ballad whose fragility is so palpable that it is almost impossible not to empathize with it. "Here With Me" is a sad rock ballad that sings to the inability to recover someone we have loved, and does it with a letter full of everydayness which is impossible to forget. That is the greatness of the band, telling stories that at some point in our lives we have all lived.

05A Matter Of Time

After so much melancholy tracks destined for failures and disappointments comes the moment to put the turbo and squeeze the accelerator towards one of the brightest subjects of this album full of jewels. "A Matter Of Time" is pure and hard power, where The Killers remind us of their beginnings and a mainstream rock almost extinct today. It is a song to listen with the volume to the maximum, to give everything and to fall yielded to the ground with the last chords. After all, in this race to time trial that is the whole life is a matter of time.

06Deadlines & Commitments

After the energetic torrent of "A Matter Of Time" we now move to quieter lands where the band adopts a different sound to everything we have heard now with a predominance of percussions. In the lyrics, we can see a demonstration of friendship or unconditional love intoned by the highs of Brandon giving people carte blanche to try to get what they want and, if they fail, return to their side where he will take care of them.

07Miss Atomic Bomb

After this title so conducive to a good string of pop divas, The Killers relegates us again to a more commercial court theme so that the band`s early fans do not feel cheated with this record. That may be why Miss Atomic Bomb looks like the distant cousin of "Human." The problem is that this song lowers a little the rhythm of everything that we had listened until now, making it appear to be an unnecessary fill in "Battle Born".

08The Rising Tide

After a few slightly experimental subjects or something below the expected level, the band returns to power in this theme that sounds classic rock mixed with the group`s own personality. In "The Rising Tide" we witness a kind of mordant but elegant criticism to that abstemious personality group that can become a dangerous tide of which it is very easy to enter but unlikely to leave without any internal bruising. Real as life itself.

09Heart Of A Girl

We return to calm and tiny intimate chords to witness a quiet and thoughtful subject that contains an almost global story. "Heart Of A Girl" is not especially a ballad, but anyone stops looking for their labels to hear what they are trying to tell us, that story where through a couple of people channel the uncertainty of the future or the meaning of life Of humanity to the fullest. What are we doing here? Where we go? We only have the consolation to listen to each other and keep going looking for our place.

10From Here On Out

Although the second part of the album is decaying a lot in comparison to the impressive first cuts, this theme manages to revitalize the flight a bit, achieving a kind of unusual sound. We return to a sad story, to a sour maturity brought about by a selfish youth. What is sown always ends up collecting, and "From Here On Out" describes it with comfortable success.

11Be Still

If there is a field in which The Killers has not emphasized too much throughout its trajectory and nevertheless it is developing quite well in this disc is in the one of the ballads. From the pair of themes of this genre that we can hear in "Battle Born", it is certainly "Be Still" that stands out. As if it were a book of self-help, the subject encourages us to continue on our steps, not to lose the north and be ourselves and fight for it despite any impediment or obstacle that lies ahead. You have to live and work until the work is finished. Perfect for moments of personal reflection.

12Battle Born

And without hardly realizing we arrive at the last track of the album, a theme that is well shown in the title sums up in its not very rare 5 minutes, all the philosophy and sound that The Killers have wanted to impregnate in this disc . We mix calm with rumbling, intimacy with grandiloquence and dejection with constant struggle to stand. That is "Battle Born", a battlefield that is constantly transformed and not always won, although the goal is never to lose the war.

Criticized by many and praised by many others, "Battle Born" is not an easy album, just like any other of The Killers has never been. We do not know for sure if this record is the best they have ever created, but we do know that it is “Must listen” album. The band moves between the most personal melodies to songs that come to be called as new hymns. It is a record of descents and ascents, of nostalgia and joy, of victory and of defeat, of life and death; But it is not an album that you can undo in one listen. "Battle Born" wins over time, their melodies and lyrics become more tangible as you hear them again, and that`s when you get the satisfaction of seeing that the band totally forgets to wanting to transcend beyond their borders and Prefers to be faithful to their style and their peculiarities, to those talents that have elevated them as a musical reference of the present time; A model to imitate and that not only has been able to maintain itself, but to each album that launches, it consolidates its credibility and their position as a mythical band that many will remember with longing in a few decades.